A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step – Laozi

I never was a traveler. Actually, traveling seemed like a very scary thing to me. New surroundings, people, colors, sounds, smells. I’d rather stayed inside of my comfort zone than traveling the world. That was until I had no other choice but to travel for my work. I was, sort to speak, ”forced” to leave my safe zone. At first, I was really scared and I couldn’t sleep the days before I actually had to leave for my business trip. But then, after I came home from my business trip, I felt like I could take on the world. As you can imagine, a magnificent feeling.

This was a couple of years ago when I first had to travel on my own. Figure everything out on my own. Everything was new and I felt overwhelmed. I actually couldn’t enjoy this first business trip until I was home again. Back in my comfort zone. And then I cried tears of joy. The places I got to discover, the people I met. I actually wanted more and I got addicted to this feeling. This first trip opened up my eyes.

Over the last few years, I traveled by plane quite sometimes. And I must say I am addicted to traveling now. However, a few weeks ago I went on my very first trip to China. And this would become my very first long flight. It is a flight of 10/11 hours. I traveled many times by plane but I never broke my 7-hour-flying record. My trips to far destinations always included layovers. Which actually is quite nice if the layover doesn’t last for hours and hours. It is nice because I get the chance to stretch my legs and do some quick shopping before my trip continues. But, with that being said, I’ve never been on a plane for longer than 7 hours non-stop. So, that was about to change with my trip to Beijing, China. I have to admit that I was a bit scared of the fact for being on a plane for so long.

Now, writing this blog post from the comforts of my own home, I can tell you the long flight wasn’t that bad. Maybe that was also because it was a night flight. So most of the time I was sleeping. Don’t ask me how, because most of the times I can’t sleep on planes. But this made time go a lot faster.

But after all, said and done, this was only a sneak preview before the real deal. I’ll be leaving for Argentina and Chile in a few weeks. And the flight to Buenos Aires will take 17 (!!) hours. Oh boy, I guess I will start preparing for that flight right now. Wish me luck.

Also, make sure to follow me on my Instagram to keep up to date with my travels. I’ll try to post stories on Instagram Stories so you can see what I’m up to for my next trip.

And until that time, I’m going to read lots and lots about Argentina and Chile. You can expect a post about Argentina and Chile before I leave on my trip. Keep an eye out on my website and Instagram.

See you on the next story!

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