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My alarm went off at 4 o’clock in the morning. But to be honest I already was wide awake at that time. I was pretty jetlagged, so getting out of bed wasn’t very hard. I quickly gathered my things, freshened up a little, had a quick bite and then at 5 AM we left the hotel for sunrise at Xianggong Mountain.

It was a one hour drive by car. In the car, most of us dozed off for a bit. Once at the location, we had to climb a lot of steps to reach the top. I didn’t count the steps, but I guess it was a couple of hundred steps. So we were pretty exhausted when we reached the top.

The view was amazing. It was still dark when we reached the top, but the sun would show itself pretty soon. So we got our cameras and tripods out of our backpacks and now the waiting game could begin. We already heard stories from other people of our group about the surreal location, but wow, this was just magical!

The mist was surrounding the mountains and the colors were changing with the minute. Blue, pink, orange, yellow, all colors of the spectrum were a part of this magnificent spectacle. I had the chance to shoot some very nice pictures this morning. And just a few minutes before we had to leave, the sun made its appearance and showed the most beautiful orange light behind the mountains. What a treat!

Now, it was about half past 7 and we had to leave because our day was about to start. A day filled with lovely excursions.

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